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Title: BT....Help
Post by: Baron on Mar 18, 13, 11:35 AM
And how I am pissed off with it.

The Housing Association chaps renewed the soffits and cleaned out guttering etc last year.
 I have only just noticed that my BT phone line has been severed where the incoming line is bolted to the corner of the house under the now new soffit, and then travels down the wall to where it enters the front room below.

I don't use BT, and have not done so since around 2001 when I joned Wightcable, as it was called then.

However, the line has been cut, so I just phoned up the Housing Association office to report it.
Fine the girl said, just phone BT, get them to repair it, and tell them to invoice us as it was our fault it was cut when the work was done.

So far so good.

Can I frigging well actually speak to someone to report the cut line ?. Can I buggery !!.
I have  been to their site, and tried phoning and emailing, but each time they want my bloody phone number, which of course does not now exist, even though I still remember what it is.
When I do put that in, of course it says they have never heard of it.

Does anyone know how I can report this cut line to BT, when I am not a customer, and never likely to be at this rate, to get them to come out and fix it ?.
I seem to be banging my aged bonce against a brick wall........unless I am missing something on their site that is not standing up and waving at me......like.. :wave1: :wave1:


Title: Re: BT....Help
Post by: Derek on Mar 18, 13, 12:01 PM
you can't report it
without a phone number the line doesn't exist to BT. They will not fix and have no interest in fixing  a line that isn't connected to the exchange
it is just a useless bit of wire hanging off a property
forget all about it & if & when you ever switch back to BT, they will come & install a brand new phone line. ( most probably fibre optic by then )
Title: Re: BT....Help
Post by: Baron on Mar 18, 13, 02:49 PM
Ok, cheers Derek.

It was only because the working chaps broke it, I thought I would get it fixed whilst it is still reasonably recent by Spectrum Housing.

I was just also wondering about the future...........when me and the other half have buggered off to pastures anew, either up or down  ;D, the incoming tenants may well want a working phone line, and may not be too happy if they have to pay for a new line to the house.
Spectrum may well have forgotten all about it by then, and will probably say 'Tough',  it is not our problem.
The previous tenant (me) had the chance to have it fixed, but didn't bother.

I would not go back to BT, ever, unless Wightfibre blew up or goes out of business, neither of which I think will happen in my life time.
I did get a chap from BT in January phoning me to try and drum up some business, but I told him after his spiel finished, that BT cannot offer anything like the speeds or customer service that Wightfibre can.

Like, can BT do up to 100MB BB speeds ?. - No. (not on copper cables, and the best I have seen around here is around 10-12MB)
Does BT have an Office some 40 minutes drive away ?. - No.
Does BT have some blasted phone menu system when phoning up for help/advice etc. ?. - Yes (I think he said)
Wightfibre does not, and the phone is answered quite promptly, unless somone has dug through the cable somewhere, and a lot of calls are coming in.... ;D
Are the call centers free phone - I can't remember with BT.
Wightfibre is a free phone call, and the girls in the office all speak perfect English and have a sense of humour.

So he gave up.
Title: Re: BT....Help
Post by: Babs on Mar 18, 13, 07:22 PM
Years ago (probably more than 10)... I rang BT to report dangling wires. I was with Telewest at the time but BT had a junction box just outside my front door.

Like you, I was trying to be helpful. They just couldn't understand why I was reporting the loose wires when I didn't use BT.

Idiots (of the home grown variety too). I'm not always so helpful these days.    >:D
Title: Re: BT....Help
Post by: Baron on Mar 19, 13, 09:43 AM
I can contact British Gas, Water Board and Electricity Company if I want to report a gas/water leak, problems with overhead cables, but for a 'fix it squad' to come and repair a cut telephone line........not a chance.
Unless I am in the BT club, then they don't have any means of getting anything fixed...useless bunch of toss-pots.  ;D
Title: Re: BT....Help
Post by: Derek on Mar 19, 13, 10:18 AM
But you are seeing it wrongly
Gas, water & electric are statutory authorities, that have a 24/7 emergency number published for each region. It doesn't matter whether you are  a customer of them or not, they have a statutory duty to fix problems that affect a large number of users or that might be a public health risk or danger.

BT are a private company who supply telephone services. If you are not connected to them, then they have no  responsibility to fix anything. If it is  a main  telephone cable on the poles across a road or alongside a roadside that gets damaged, then yes they have to fix it ( or openreach do ) but when it is on a house that isn't a subscribing customer, why should they have to do anything.  Openreach recently put up a new telephone pole in my street & moved several lines to it. they checked first which lines were active & those houses who were not connected to BT network ( that is those with no landline or those that use Virgin media cable) had the old lines completely removed. When the workmen were asked what about when xxx moves next month  and the new owner might want to go to BT instead of VM they said tough. The only lines that stay up are those in use. they aren't going to spend money on moving or fixing a line that isn't in use and so won't be paid for fixing.

Title: Re: BT....Help
Post by: Baron on Mar 19, 13, 08:14 PM
Of course, what you say makes sense.
But even if I did see an overhead power line dangling and sparkling like it was November the 5th, I still don't see how I could contact them to report it ?........every avenue I tried, my phone number was required, so I met a dead end.

Anyway, I phoned Spectrum Housing and told them that I had failed. She thanked me for letting her know, and would make a note on her computer.

Ah well, it was only because it had been broken that I thought it might be a good idea to have it fixed.
The Housing people were happy to, but BT isn't...............it is a paying job after all.  ;D
Title: Re: BT....Help
Post by: Derek on Mar 19, 13, 08:31 PM
if you look in the right place,. it is easy to find a report form or contact phone number  http://www.openreach.co.uk/orpg/home/loadReason.do


remember  BT are a telephone  provider now & not an infrastructure owner. That is all down to openreach
Title: Re: BT....Help
Post by: Baron on Mar 23, 13, 05:49 PM
Cheers Derek, but with obvious way (to me) to contact them, I chucked out the white flag and decided that it wasn't worth the effort.  ;D
When I had nipped into Ryde I did see an Open Reach van and collared the driver, who also said that it was minor and not worth the effort to try and get it fixed...because they probably wouldn't.
If someone later on who takes over our house whilst wifey and me are scaring the shite out of people as ghosts, then a new line would be put in if they signed up to BT for some package or other.

As I am not affected by the broken cable, then there is no need to persue it further.
Nice of Spectrum Housing to offer to pay for it though..... :hat3: