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Title: Civic cookie control pop up on this site
Post by: Derek on Dec 30, 13, 09:46 AM
I have heard rumours that enforcement of this cookie control law will start early in new year
to be safe I have added the civic cookie control plugin that asks a user when they first visit to give permissions for cookies
I am doing it for all sites on the server

google adsense and google search some other advertisers are starting to down grade sites that don't comply with cookie & privacy policies. That is probably more to do with Google getting a bashing from EU

Although we are likely to be pretty safe here, and unlikely to get the Idiots from the EU or our wonderfully efficient and totally up to date, really knowledgeable about cookies and other privacy implications,  Government enforcement departments having a go at a small almost private forum like this one, I can't be too careful 
I have also put one unobtrusive google adsense text ad at the bottom of the forum. This is more so google index us more frequently, rather than any hope of getting any income from it. although an occasion click would help to pay the server costs