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Title: Test
Post by: Obblie on Jul 29, 16, 03:57 PM
Nice !.
I used to use the WD Free version which worked fine as long as I had a WD HDD installed.
But I just run SSD's now, which meant I had to buy the paid version which was on offer....it hurt having to pay.....but it works a treat.  ;D

I used to use a few sites for ummmm software, like SoD (Share or Die) but long time since it got shut down...shame, as it was a good site, and after making a small donation in $$$/£££ it opened up more stuff.
The other ones I used to have in a file of favourites, have also been shut down when checking on them recently...ho hum.
Title: Re: Test
Post by: Obblie on Jul 29, 16, 03:59 PM
Title: Re: Test
Post by: Kat on Jul 30, 16, 10:02 AM
/me wonders what the Obbles just said...
Title: Re: Test
Post by: Obblie on Jul 30, 16, 07:01 PM
This is one that is confusing Derek and I. When some peeps start a new topic Admins cannot see any text at all. If we log out and view as guests we can view the post. In my case this is my excuse for several of my posts because I viewed the posts as completely blank. Derek confirmed that he also seen the blank posts (admin view) and told me that they were viewable as a non-admin.

The post I started this thread with is a copy of Baron post viewed as a guest that is admin invisible in the middle of a topic. I copied it in to see if I could see it and I could. I have had a look at the SMF forums and haven't found anything that matches this.Therefore I am even more confused.

So far it is only Baron and Sparry posts that do this, hence  :think:
Title: Re: Test
Post by: Kat on Jul 30, 16, 07:10 PM
Is this happening even if you switch to the default theme? What about permissions? The root admin, of course, has all permissions. But, other admins don't, unless that's been changed, lately.
Title: Re: Test
Post by: Obblie on Jul 31, 16, 03:38 PM
All members are using the same theme, Curve Multicolour mine is set to green as is the Our-Local default. I have tried all available OL themes and cannot see these missing posts in any of them.

All admins have the same permissions, always have. But here is one strange thing, the good doctor tells us that he sees everything and he has the same theme and admin permissions as Derek and I.
Title: Re: Test
Post by: Kat on Jul 31, 16, 04:50 PM
The next obvious question is to ask if there's anything in the error log.

When I mentioned the default theme, I meant the SMF one, rather than the OL one. Or, are they one and the same, here?
Title: Re: Test
Post by: Obblie on Jul 31, 16, 10:15 PM
They are not the same but I have viewed the posts missing text with the SMF default as well. Curve is the 2.0.11 default and Curve Multicolour is the forum default and all members appear to be set to Curve Multicolour, no other themes appear to be in use.

Nothing in the error log, within the last couple of weeks (including me trying different things) there are only two two types of error showing - wrong passwords and you are banned.

Had wondered if it only affected pasted in posts, i.e. original character set, but the one that I copied in to start this test was hand typed by Baron in the middle of a thread.
Title: Re: Test
Post by: Kat on Aug 01, 16, 09:46 AM
OK. So, that's pointing me towards the language files. Is your language the forum default? i.e. English? Or, are you using English_British? If the latter, does it fix itself, if you switch to English?
Title: Re: Test
Post by: Obblie on Aug 02, 16, 03:08 PM
I'll have a look at that.