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Title: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Baron on Oct 06, 18, 11:47 AM
Being as the weather is a bit crap, for fun I shoved in a spare HDD and installed Vista on it.
That went ok, but, I am not sure what drivers to use for it, because my current motherboard only has drivers back to 8.1, so no Vista.
Yeah I know you all hate it, but I found it to be just fine for every day use..... ;D

I have the installation disc for the X58 board Vista used to be run on, but of course all the drivers on that were for that board.
So I need LAN (to get on the internet), audio, chipset, and any other drivers that I have forgotten about.

Anyone any ideas, or should I just give up on this little experiment to revive my old mate....Vista..... ;D
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Baron on Oct 10, 18, 10:44 AM
Update..........plan scrapped, and have formatted and installed windows 10 on it...again.....fingers crossed.
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Kat on Oct 11, 18, 10:33 AM
Bit late, now... But, I'd imagine that manufacturer's websites are your best bet, if Windoze update can't find 'em.
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Baron on Oct 18, 18, 11:27 AM
Well, I couldn't figure out how to get some LAN drivers so that I could at least get on the internet for some searching.
Gigabyte only has drivers for Win 7 upwards.
Forgetting at the time, that I had some Vista drivers stored on my ext USB drive, but not sure if they would work or not.
I may just try again when the weather is crap outside, and am a bit bored.... ;D

So I gave up and thought I would try a fresh install of Win 10, which sort of went well, but all the passwords I had stored would not work on MS Outlook, Google, YT, and some other forums, so I had to keep resetting passwords, noted them, then the next day on start up, Windows had forgotten most of them, and I had to start again.
So I have reverted back to Win 7 for daily use, and boot up Win 10 now and again just to see if it still works...... ;D

I used to like Win 10 until around December/January new updates screwed it all up.
A game I play ran like treacle, whereas before it ran perfectly.
I had it cloned on to two other drives, and when I went to use them, I found that they were an exact mirror of each other, and wouldn't fekking work properly either.
I also had icons on the desktop shortcuts to various programmes, and sod all happened when I clicked on them to run..............I checked, all the programmes were installed, but none would run.

That is when I threw a wobbly and booted up Win 7 and formatted all Win 10 drives, and bye bye Win10............until very recently.
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Kat on Oct 18, 18, 12:33 PM
The more I experience of W10, the more glad I am that I stuck with W7.  :juice:
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Baron on Oct 18, 18, 05:13 PM
Exactly my feelings..... ;D

I think I used to run Vista on an Abit motherboard, who went bust.
Then I changed to Gigabyte on an X58 motherboard, and I doubt they have any driver support either since the board is obsolete.

I might have a shufty about sometime if I get bored with the rain pissing down outside, so it will be cold, wet and miserable.

Yep, I have Win 7 on 3 different drives now, and Win 10 on another......the only problem with all of them, except the one I am running now, is that they keep forgetting my passwords (except Lloyds bank which they do), to forums, MS Outlook and Gmail, and have to keep inventing more and more passwords when I have to reset them..........even though I have them stored on Notebook.
So I just run this drive until I have the energy and patience to boot them up, and reset passwords...........again !.
Bah humbug....
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Kat on Oct 19, 18, 11:12 AM
I have W10 on my lappy. I rarely ever use it, now. Not that Android's a lot better, although I use that via a VPN and it's quite funny, watching all the Google stuff trying to access the internet, when it's totally blocked from doing so...

Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Baron on Oct 20, 18, 10:30 AM
Yep I bought my lappy a Toshiba Satelite thingy a couple of years ago as an upgrade to my Nexus 7 with only a 7-8" screen for a 10" screen I think it is.

I have both models, the original and the later 2013(?) model. Dug them out recently and the new one won't charge even though I left in on all day, but the old one works just fine.
I use it now in my 'man cave' when suffering installing windows or waiting for lengthy updates, or perhaps doing a back up, to keep me amused, when I can't use the PC.

However I did not spend enough time researching which laptop to buy, 15" or lower, and wasn't really thinking at the time on what I was doing, and ended up getting this thin, from Argos as I was busy building my new PC.
This of course came with Win 10 built in, so I had a lot of useless crap to get rid of, but sometimes it runs as fast as Win98.... ;D
It's not clogged up with bank details, email, and used purely for watch films on some sites and YT for the same thing and TV shows etc.
But it seems slooooowwww....like clicking to go full screen, which it does in about 3 jerky movements to get there, and if I am silly enough to try and click on the start button it will start up something else that I don't want, so have to restrain myself until the bloody thing has settled down.
I did reset it back to factory settings once, and it took just about all day to install and update, until I could actually shove on a couple of programmes that I find usefull.
I had it running on my PC desk, so that I could keep an eye on it and click things when needed.
I only use the thing at night in bed to watch some stuff before going into my usual coma until morning, and then start it up again until I think it is time to get up...

I have no idea what VPN is, or even what to do with it even if I had.....I don't have your computering skills mate to use these magic things.... ;D
So, not a happy experience.
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Kat on Oct 25, 18, 12:23 PM
Virtual Private Network.

Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Baron on Oct 26, 18, 11:05 AM
Funnily enough it was a few days ago that I watched a tutorial on YT of how to install VM ware, and the free prog's that go with it to make it all work.
Not got enough courage at the moment, as only one drive with Win 7 on it works just fine.
The clone and the two Win 10 drives work, but keep forgetting my passwords for forums, Google, YT etc., so have to keep resetting them and dream up new passwords, and then when I try to sign in - with the details stored on notepad - it says Nope, and to reset the password........so have given up on that lark for a while.

Whilst I have got your expert attention....my Toshiba lappy seems to have developed a fault.
I use in in bed to watch stuff, and just lately if the mouse USB plugged into the lappy is disturbed for some reason, the mouse shuts down, and have to unplug the USB and then plug it back in again, with all the Windows dings and dongs going off all the time.

It's an old Zalman mouse (ZM-GM4) that I dug out as the cheapo one I had went U/S, and worked perfectly fine until a few days ago.

So I guess it is either the lappy USB port (it only has two, one on the left side for the headphones, and one on the right side for the mouse ?
I use headphones because the sound off the lappy is a bit shyte, and also easier with headphones, because my hearing is a bit shot.

I also get grief from the wife because I have to have the sound on the TV turned up a bit, and she reckons that all the houses to the left and right of us along our street would be able to hear it..... :yup:
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Kat on Nov 06, 18, 10:57 AM
In device manager, do you have the USB stuff properties set to power down, after a  while?
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Baron on Nov 06, 18, 12:54 PM
Not sure where I find that.........I know the settings are somewhere as I have seen them before, but can't remember now.... :yup:

On this drive I used to get messages popping up on a boot up/restart telling me that a USB device would be faster if plugged into a USB3.0 port.
Now I have checked and my few USB devices, like DVD player/writer (I didn't have a drive originally, but found I needed one to install some old games, so bought an external USB drive), my 2TB WD USB3.0 drive are all connected to USB3.0 ports on the PC.
 The scanner and printer are just plugged into the side of the Dell 24" monitor, which I think is USB 2.0.

On this OS drive I managed to get rid of the 'warnings' as I looked at the USB devices in Device Manager, and found that two of them had the yellow warnings beside them, so I though 'Oh well, I will just delete them, and see what happens.'
So far I don't think I have broken any devices.

 I have yet to do it on the other OS drives, but for now just happy that I don't get these warnings on this one.

Plus, it never says which USB device is at fault...
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Kat on Nov 07, 18, 02:30 PM
Well... I just finished reinstalling W7, coz I got a bloody BSOD and everything went pear-shaped.

Got it installed, copied everything over, from a backup and it rebooted, after I installed a firewall, It then insisted that it couldn't start, coz something was wrong (No details, of course) and it repaired the thing. Snore-snore...

Eventually got it back and, of course, it was back to factory settings... Snore-snore.

So, I'm currently copying things back and installing stuff. Just as I get it all back, I fully expect another fukkup, though I have updates disabled, this time...


Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Baron on Nov 08, 18, 10:47 AM
I feel you pain Kat, as W7 is not usually that troublesome, unlike W10 !
I can't understand why W10 is such a shyte with me, since before Xmas last year it worked just fine and rarely used W7, except to boot up sometimes and update MS and other software.

I am thinking that maybe I might go for a fresh install on W7, but I would need a very rainy day and feeling bored to try it out, but not sure I have the energy to take up most of the day doing it.

I think my W10 laptop really needs resetting, but the last time I did it either early this year, or late last year, took bloody hours and hours to install before I could knock it into shape and get rid of shyte I don't want or need.
Luckily (sort of) I just brought it into my man cave, and let it run so that I could click this and that as it progressed to finally the desktop, and watch all the hours of MS updates being applied.

I only use it just as a media player, and do I really need all the updates on a fresh install, as it is just for films, TV shows from YT and some other sites ?

Fingers crossed for you and W7, and hope it doesn't give you too much grief.... :)
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Kat on Nov 08, 18, 01:31 PM
THE bugger, is finding the best driver for my old GFX card. Windows just gives me some wank driver from it's own store, which is pants and smelly ones, at that. I have it saved, somewhere, but I have far too many to sort through, to find the right bugger.

So, of course, the whole thing's a bit laggy. :(

I'm dubious about enabling Windoze updates, for obvious reasons, uppermost being not wanting W10.

I must remember that, when I finally find the right one, to delete all the others...
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Baron on Nov 09, 18, 11:00 AM
Yeah, drivers are a right pain for older kit.

But still have a spare AMD 4870X2 gfx card, which I doubt I will ever use, but don't have the heart to chuck it out, (it was one of a pair I had years ago, one went U/S and got a Gigabyte 6870OC carde as a replacement) and it was a good toaster with all the heat it pumped out.... ;D
Something else that is cluttering up my parts cupboard, which is really a built in wardrobe, but since I commandeered the 3rd small bedroom as my man cave, it is just used for storing stuff, just in case I need something.. ;D
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Kat on Nov 09, 18, 12:17 PM
I doubt I'll ever get another one, sadly. Can't afford such luxuries.

Thanks to you Tory Brexitologists.  :P
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Casper the Ghost on Nov 11, 18, 05:37 PM
Still happily using Vista on my gaming lappy but it is at the end of its life and really needs to be blatted.
I have W10 installed as a dual boot setup but only fire up into W10 now and again to let it update and keep it alive.

W10 really needs to be chucked down the nearest mineshaft and left there.  :wave1:
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Kat on Nov 11, 18, 09:48 PM
Wotcha, Caspie!

I fired up XP, using the weird "XP mode" thing, from M$. It works surprisingly well...
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: meself on Nov 12, 18, 08:34 PM
Call me an auld goat... :s:...but I miss XP  :hat3:
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Baron on Nov 13, 18, 10:38 AM
Hey Caspie and meself.........welcome back to the fold, and long time no type !  ;D

Yup, I miss XP (have the XP Corp Pro version from RSU), and of course still have the install disc.

Perhaps one of these days, probably a miserable wet and windy one, I might just try and install it on a spare empty drive, and see what happens.
I will probably come across the same problem when I install Vista, which is lack of drivers, and my brain cell couldn't cope on trying to get some to install.........especially a LAN driver for this current motherboard.

As for W10, for me it worked perfectly until last December +/- a month or so, when it got totally screwed up after some MS updates, and don;t know which ones dun it.
I still have it installed, but only boot it up every few months just to update MS thingies and any software that is out of date.

A Brexitologist eh, that's a new name for me, and a little bit kinder too.......... ;D
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Kat on Nov 13, 18, 11:16 AM
I liked XP, but didn't enjoy having to reinstall the thing, every few days...

I'm kinda glad I'll likely stiff, before the full effects of our Brexicution get fully felt.
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Baron on Nov 14, 18, 11:05 AM
As for XP, I found it pretty stable, and didn't have to reinstall that much.
Then along came Vista (yeah I know) and found that to be much better, so dropped XP in favour of it.
But that's just me....

 :lh: I am hanging to by my finger nails, to see what happens too.
If it works out ok, I will hang on for a bit longer...........if it doesn't, then I shall just let go............. ;D
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Obblie on Dec 04, 18, 07:52 PM
I was in my prime with XP but it did have memory management problems. The best to me was W7, unfortunately downhill ever since.
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Baron on Dec 05, 18, 11:11 AM
I use W7 on a daily basis, and now and again choose to boot up W10 for any updates from MS of software, but can't use it all day because for some reason it won't play a game I like, as it seems it is running on syrup...so unplayable.
Sometimes though, just to annoy me, my PC will boot to W10, ignoring my preference to boot to W7..........ho hum..
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Obblie on Dec 15, 18, 04:54 PM
A game that I liked way back was Fallout 3, came out in 2008. That weirdly runs better in W10 than it did on WP and W7.
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Baron on Dec 15, 18, 05:48 PM
I like to play a game called Company of Heroes which I think came out in 2006, and put it on Steam.
I used to play just fine and dandy around this time last year, but because of MS interference aka updates, it is quite jerky to play. Just played it today, and it is still jerky, and not so much fun to play as on Win 7.
I find the graphics, and model quality of the vehicles and troops to be pretty damn good for an old game too.

Most of my games are a bit ancient, and dating back to about 1999/2000 with UT99, plus the follow on series.
I originately played it on dial up on Line One, and that was ...fun  ;D
I also have most of the Command and Conquer series, Half Life, BF1-2-3 (when I gave up due to no AI SP play, no internet meant no play, and couldn't see it either or give it away, and the BF community could not make mods for it either), Crysis 1 and 2, and many others that rarely get a look in now.
I would try to install them on Win 7, but not Win 10.
Funny that UT99 would play just fine on Win7, but some of the other games in the series would not install properly, not all, but some.
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Casper the Ghost on Dec 15, 18, 08:18 PM
I'm still running on Vista Ultimate on my main laptop and although it is not running as good as it should be because the hard drives are groaning under all the stuff I have loaded on them over the years.

Vista just didn't work for many people but at least it developed into W7, which is still very, very good.

So that makes two of still using Vista then.  :wave1:
Title: Re: Vista ultimate 64bit...
Post by: Baron on Dec 16, 18, 11:21 AM
Yup, against all advice and death threats, I liked Vista Ultimate 64bit, as it ran very well for me, but unfortunately the hdd I had it installed on I gave away in a PC to son no.1, where it got wiped.... :(
I did try installing it recently, which went ok until I tried to find drivers for it to work on my new motherboard, chipset etc.....so gave up.

I would still run it (I think) today if I could get it working properly and still have the two discs (32+64bit) in its case, and it was the first OS I bought, as all the previous ones were 'donated' to me..... ;D
I am glad to be in your club Caspi..... ;D