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Title: Computer died
Post by: Yvonne on Jun 01, 19, 03:36 PM
My old HP died this week & had to get a new one but couldn't find a HP, so ended up with a Lenovo,

now I've lost 'My Favourites' & have to make a new list or take the old hard drive to a computer shop & have it transferred.  ::)

It cost me $800 ...... they don't seem to have many desktops at retail stores now, they have the computers within the screen monitors now.
Title: Re: Computer died
Post by: handy on Jun 02, 19, 04:52 PM
Its the same here you don't see many in the shops now.
Title: Re: Computer died
Post by: fred on Jun 02, 19, 06:08 PM
mostly laptops and all in ones now.
Title: Re: Computer died
Post by: Yvonne on Jun 03, 19, 05:14 AM
Not like when things lasted much longer, I suppose that's progress & it saves all those cables behind the computer desk.
Title: Re: Computer died
Post by: Baron on Jun 04, 19, 04:36 PM
I do have a small Toshiba 10-11" laptop which I very much regret buying, as I bought in haste, and didn't research properly, to replace my Nexus 7.

But I learnt many moons ago how to build my own PC's and choose the parts, and haven't made much of an effort to hid all the cables though, except internally of the chassis.
I still have the one I built in 2009 (I think), but as the PSU died (I am guessing...not done much trouble shooting), have a spare, but gave up when I couldn't insert the 8 pin plug on the top l/h side of the motherboard, without taking the chassis apart, but don't have the heart to chuck it away, so it sits on the floor gathering dust, until I can get around to fiddling again, assuming it is the PSU that was at fault.
It was too old to RMA it though, as it is an obsolete unit now.
My 'new' one I built in 2016, is the last one I shall probably ever build, because, lack of funds, and it will probably outlive me anyway.... ;D

Hope all goes well with you new laptop Yvonne, and hope you can retrieve all your stuff from the old hdd/ssd.
Title: Re: Computer died
Post by: Yvonne on Jun 05, 19, 12:04 AM
Hi Baron,  ;D

It's not a laptop, still a destop but lighter & skinnier with a vertical CD player,  ::)
it doesn't seem any faster than the old one either.

Hope your old faithful lasts the journey. :tup:
Title: Re: Computer died
Post by: Baron on Jun 06, 19, 06:02 PM
Sorry, my powers of observation and reading skills were a bit lacking when reading your post.  :yup:
So it's a 'proper' PC, rather than a laptop..
I don't much like mine, and use a mouse because I cannot stand the track pad and buttons, for me it is too slow to use.
Plus I think bits of toast, little spiders, bugs, and stuff has got into the key board, as some keys are a bit sticky and a pain in the bum trying to type on it, so I avoid typing if I can, because I have to keep going back to insert spaces, letters, or corrections, but have to when using google, YT for TV shows and films.

Luckily I don't thing CD players really care if they are horizontal or vertical.
One day I hope to get my 'old faithful' running again, assuming it is the PSU at fault, and have a spare to replace it, but not holding my breath to attempt to fix it just yet.... ;D
But good luck on your new one though, and hope it lasts a long time...

Title: Re: Computer died
Post by: Yvonne on Jun 07, 19, 12:13 AM
I've never used a laptop or smartphone, guess i'll have to if my flip phone becomes obsolete, but I don't have grandchildren wanting to see me when I'm on the phone.  ;)

I saw the the computers at the hospital yesterday & the computers were a box attached behind the screen about a quarter the size of the desktops.

My CD player is very flimsy & mostly used to install programmes.
Title: Re: Computer died
Post by: Baron on Jun 07, 19, 10:51 AM
But, as long as it works, it will have to do, and better than nothing....:)
I only bought a small laptop to replace my Nexus 7, for bed time and morning entertainment....YT films, TV shows and that's it. No emails, banking etc. as I leave that for my PC.
I bought the Toshiba in haste, without checking it out, and even though it comes with win 10 installed, it usually behaves like its using Win908SE...........slow.... ;D
Once it is working on a YT site it is fine, but click on another tab to load up another web site, and it certainly takes its time about it. When I close the lid to shut it down for the night, there are usually about 4 tabs open, one with IMDB (for checking out films), and 3 YT channels open. In the morning I could nip into town to do some shopping in the time it seems to take to load them all up to make them usable..

Yep I have a CD/DVD machine for perhaps installing old games, and need the disc in to play them, but otherwise it is rarely used....but there if I need it.
I also have another USB CD drive, in case the one mounted in the case has problems....it did once, so got this second as a spare, and a portable drive can be handy too.
I fitted a multi card reader with 2 x USB2.0 ports which is not used much, but handy when I want to get pic's off my camera onto the PC.
They are a bit like my battery and mains electric drills, not used very much, but handy if I want to drill a hole somewhere, sometime... :)
I don't have a floppy drive in, which is a shame as I would like to be able to explore all the floppies I have in a plastic case from Win 98 onwards... ;D

Interesting computers at the hospital, are they Apple thingies?
Title: Re: Computer died
Post by: Yvonne on Jun 08, 19, 12:29 AM
You certainly have your selection of gadgets for your computers, we still have one that takes floppies, I think it has windows 3, & my old one with windows 7 if I want to read the smaller disks with my family history indexes on.

I don't know if they were apple computers at the hospital but the nurses were entering all our information on them.
Title: Re: Computer died
Post by: Baron on Jun 08, 19, 11:05 AM
I still have some CD's holding Windows 98, then SE, ME, 2000, XP stuff on it, like updates, a ME defragger that worked well on Win 98SE....so much ancient history, but pretty useless now..... :)