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Title: Grass cutter....
Post by: Baron on Aug 08, 19, 12:59 PM
I could hear the Council worker outside on his ride on mower cutting the pavement side grass, so took a look, and the snowflake driving it has his white hard on............backwards... ::) ;D
OK, I am a bit bored right now, more coffee needed.
Title: Re: Grass cutter....
Post by: handy on Aug 08, 19, 04:31 PM
Whats a hard on :angel3:
Title: Re: Grass cutter....
Post by: Baron on Aug 08, 19, 07:38 PM
Oh bugger. :blush:
My keyboard has a dirty mind, and was supposed to type 'hard hat on'.
I will thrash it with a slimy banana skin...... ;D
That'll teach me to post without making the slightest attempt to see if it was mistake free...ho hum.
Title: Re: Grass cutter....
Post by: Kat on Sep 03, 19, 03:36 PM
They have to, apparently. Elf'n'safety.
Title: Re: Grass cutter....
Post by: Baron on Sep 03, 19, 07:46 PM
Yeah, but wearing it on backwards?
Plus base ball caps, I can never find any in the shops where the peak is sewn on the back of the cap.....

Mind you, I do wear one (just to cover up my 3 scalp cancer operations....sun damage over many years), which I got as a free gift when I bought a Zalman product many years ago.
It's a bit battered and weathered, but, it still fits and wear it with the peak forward..... ;D
Title: Re: Grass cutter....
Post by: Kat on Sep 15, 19, 09:47 PM
P'raps he was keeping the sun off his neck?

Or, more likely, the guy's a twat?
Title: Re: Grass cutter....
Post by: Baron on Sep 16, 19, 10:45 AM
I vote for option 2........... :)
It's like these people who wear these base ball caps, where the peak is on the rear of the cap, and sometimes sideways, and no matter how hard I have looked, I can never find one of these, as they are always on the front.....
Title: Re: Grass cutter....
Post by: Kat on Sep 16, 19, 11:24 AM
The first time we ever saw our prospective son-in-law, he turned up, with one of those on, backwards. Our faces, apparently, were a picture!

He's actually a good lad.

But...  :pa
Title: Re: Grass cutter....
Post by: Baron on Sep 16, 19, 07:38 PM
Yup, first impressions are not always true, like my granddaughters boyfriend, who sports a beard and ear rings and stuff.............but he is a very nice bloke though, and it was the first time I have met him. so my expectations were not high............I quickly changed my opinion of him.... ;D
Title: Re: Grass cutter....
Post by: Kat on Sep 16, 19, 10:00 PM
Probably coz I'm old and crumbly, now... But, I've always rather detested things that are American, in that respect. There ARE no baseball teams, here. Why wear a fucking baseball cap? Although, having said that, the only titfer I ever wear (when it's raining) is a cowbiy hat. That's more the Ozzy type, though, rather than something Clint Eastwoody. Funnily enough, I bought it on Zakynthos about twelve years back and it's still in good nick.

Americans... People, here, have started calling railway stations "train stations". Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

People keep starting sentences with "So", too. Grrrrrr!

When they order, in a cafe, instead of asking "Could I have X/Y/Z?", or "Could you get me X/Y/Z?",  they say "Can I get X/Y/Z?" I actually heard a server say "No, you can't. I'll have to get it, for you".

I fucking wet myself, larfin'!!!
Title: Re: Grass cutter....
Post by: Baron on Sep 17, 19, 10:58 AM
Not as old and crumbly, and grumpy as me mate, so we are in the same 'special' club.... ;D

I might have mentioned this before, but I was watching a slide show on YT, and one of the pictures was of a bloke at a football or baseball game ('Murica of course), on a bright sunny day, wearing his base ball cap on back to front, and using his hand to shield his eyes from the sunshine........with his hand..... :o

I too have a Aussie type broad brimmed hat, (actually from Tasmania, which my brother brought over from Oz many years ago (with his wife) for a 'down memory lane' holiday. I wear it a lot in the summer time, out in the garden, or in town, and also during wet rainy weather, as I can hide under it from the sun or the rain.
I also use a base ball cap, it was a free one from Zalman when I bought something from them about 14 years or so ago, and although a bit worn, it still comes in handy, as I also use it when going into town, and always in my car.
I also wear it with the peak forwards..... :)
Both hats are to protect my balding bonce, from the sun, as I have already had 3 ops, to remove skin cancers, and don't really want any more...........far too many years of being out in the sun without a hat......*sigh.

Ah the yanks........although my son and his 'Murican Korean wife now live in 'Murica, and emigrated out there some years ago, first to California, and got jobs after being allowed to by the authorities, and then after a few years, he got a better job in Portland, where they live now........he is not speaking in 'Murican...yet, but his wife obviously does.
The also misspell and mangle words:

Sodder, for solder.
Rowt for route.
Axe for ask.
Aiight for alright.
Sidewalk for pavement (although it does make sense)
Trunk for boot.
Hood for bonnet.
Favor for favour.
Labor for labour.
Color for colour
and many others.
Then the stupid 'names' they come up with:
And more.....most of which I don't have a clue what they are talking about.

Claimed they won WWI, even though they only turned up in 1917, but were useful cannon fodder, because the Jerries were knackered by then and it was just about all over. But their Generals continue to pick fights with the Germans shortly before the surrender, because they wanted to get themselves and their troops some glory, where many were slaughtered for no real good reason, ecept their big ego's.

Claim they won WWII, when they only helped along with all our other allies.

Criticise the British for not doing much during WWII, and stopping to make tea all the time.... ;D

But I liked the 'cafe' story, and I too would have laughed my socks off too... ;D

OK, time I went to get a mug of coffee, so as to not witter on and rant any longer.... ;D

Title: Re: Grass cutter....
Post by: Kat on Sep 22, 19, 09:33 PM
Marylou. They do a lot of that "two names as one" thing, don't they? Never figured out why. Mind you, look who they voted in is POTUS.

Oh, wait... we have a Trump clone...
Title: Re: Grass cutter....
Post by: Baron on Sep 23, 19, 10:55 AM
Yes, as if we don't have enough idiots in Parliament, the yanks have them too.......like that Maxine Watters, Nancy Pelosi (both should have been put in a secured 'home for the bewildered, years ago), plus the moron AOC, and some other moozlamizt with bugs bunny teeth, who seems hell bent on introducing their 'green deal' or something, because like soft in the head greenies here, think we should just munch on weeds, use horses and carts, and rely on magic to cure everything.... ;D