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Chew The Cud / Re: Obblies Garden
« Last post by Obblie on Yesterday at 08:34 PM »
Thank you Kat

Weeds piss me off also in big time  :nut: worst offenders here are bittercress and willowherb by numbers, but we do have problems with broad leafed dock and dandelions.

Mowing is indeed easy, weeding isn't.  8)

I guess the cats don't notice, though, ay? ;)

Not unless we seed it with food.

Inside cat trees, fine, long kitchen/diner with a cat tree at each end great. Some like the diner end (mostly Socks) and some (mostly Oreo) like the other end. Otherwise not.   :think:

Julie said goodbye to a lot of big fish when she moved out of her previous marital home, personally I never bonded with the fish in the canal.

I cannot claim that I have done most of this. Julie and I are physically similar, OK she has bigger tits, but we are the same shoe and glove size and within an inch on height. Please imagine an elderly lady in rigger boots and a bikini digging the ponds  >:D.

We garden organically so no nasty chemicals, have seen a heron, got kitties excited (though I'd like to see one get it through the cat flap, doh, doh, doh ....

Phun / Re: 2017 - Definately Less
« Last post by Baron on Yesterday at 07:25 PM »
Don't forget Uncle Commi Corbyn, and mumbling Abbot.  ;D
PC Help / Re: Windows 10, is being very annoying.
« Last post by Baron on Yesterday at 11:16 AM »
Lol, I have W98/SE, ME, XP Pro Corp, Vista Ult, Win7 Home/Pro, Win10. Home/Ult.,...:)
I didn't actually buy an OS until Vista came out, and I had the money.....:)
Plus a couple of CD's with update files on W98/SE. ME (with a better defragger, that I used on W98/SE), XP Pro Corp (thanks to RSU). and other stuff on them. All obsolete now, and dunno why I keep them.  ::)
Phun / Re: 2017 - Definately Less
« Last post by Kat on Oct 18, 17, 05:16 PM »
With the UK the way it is, now, pity there's no such word as "Moralless".

Thanks, Farage, Johnson and you other lying arseholes.
PC Help / Re: Windows 10, is being very annoying.
« Last post by Kat on Oct 18, 17, 05:13 PM »
I have a copy of W98SE, here, if you want it...  >:D
Chew The Cud / Re: Obblies Garden
« Last post by Kat on Oct 18, 17, 05:10 PM »
Looks like mowing the lawn'll be easy. ;)

It's the weeds that always piss me off. Due to my tenosynovitis, I can't pull the buggers up and we all know what stuff like RoundUp's like... (Bee killer, in case you don't). So, at the moment, we pay one of those garden maintenance guys to come and mow the lawn and do the weeding. Won't be able to afford that for much longer, though. :(

I love the cat house, too. We got ours one of those plastic carriers, so that our Flossy had somewhere to go, when it rained. Even though she's gone, now :( the others seem to like it, so we left it there. Doesn't look as high class as yours, by a long way. I guess the cats don't notice, though, ay? ;)

Come to that, cats being cats, if we got them a classy one, or built one, they'd totally ignore it.

Funny, though. When we first got Lulu, I got her one of those three-platform tower things. Twenty quid from B&M. Thought it'd be a total waste of money, of course. But, a year and a bit along, she still uses it. It's one of her places.

I miss our fish pond. Our Koi were about two inches long, when we paid two quid for them. They were about two feet long, when we gave them to our friend, before we moved up here. Must've been worth a small fortune.

But, with my hands being as they are, I think I might find it hard work, now. Plus, we get a lot of fish-nicking birds, here, so we'd probably just be providing bird food.

Looking good, Obbles. Worth all the effort, methinks.
And jumping down can make them whack their heads on the floor, knocking them out, or worse.
PC Help / Re: Windows 10, is being very annoying.
« Last post by Yvonne on Oct 17, 17, 11:21 AM »
It wasn't Friday 13th that you got lucky was it ?  ;)

Sounds all hunky dory now. :tup:
PC Help / Re: Windows 10, is being very annoying.
« Last post by Baron on Oct 16, 17, 10:43 AM »
Yep, the notification came through to say that new updates were ready to install.

Tis funny, that all the grief I suffered over the last week or or so, have now disappeared, I set the drive I want to boot up with in the Bios, and it will boot to that drive all the time, until I change it to another.
Plus the constant CHK DSK wanting to run on start up, or changing the boot up drive, has now stopped.
Also all the other irritations, far too many to remember now, have stopped, so the PC is behaving as if it was never guilty of cheesing me off......at all !
Phun / Re: 2017 - Definately Less
« Last post by Baron on Oct 16, 17, 10:39 AM »
Me neither, but at that point it is far too late for me to do anything about it... :o :yup:
All my problems will be passed on to the wife and family to deal with....ho hum.
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