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PC Help / Re: Was Windows 7 THAT bad?
« Last post by Baron on Today at 03:37 PM »
She came today again eh ? is she a screamer or just a moaner ?........... :blush: :gig:
PC Help / Re: Was Windows 7 THAT bad?
« Last post by Kat on Today at 02:44 PM »
The cleaner came, again, today.

It really isn't fair!  :lh:
Chew The Cud / Re: Oi! Baron!
« Last post by Kat on Today at 02:43 PM »
OFFS... Corbyn's never been friends with that lot! Before the start of a meeting, he said something like "Let's all get around a table, our Hamas friends, our Israeli friends, and discuss this, instead of blowing each others brains out". It was a peace attempt and he started by kinda saying "Let's all be friends". The Tory press, of course, dug that out of the archives, and, many years after the event, put it all in isolation, totally out of context.

People believe their crap and that's what keeps them in power. They want puppets who'll believe this rubbish, without question. "Oh, I read it in The Scum and the Daily Fail, so it must be true. Bollox. It's what they want you to believe. Truth has fuck all to do with it.

It's not a conspiracy theory, this. This is conspiracy FACT. I know this to be true, because I've been in places, where these rags have done reports and their reports have had absolutely no basis in fact. I know, coz I was there! I saw and heard what went on.

Take recent happenings... Tory lovers have been saying that Corbyn refused to take part in cross party talks, about Fuxit. That is a blatant lie, coz he's been suggesting that all this should be cross party right from the beginning!

Yes, he's refusing, now, because they won't guarantee to ban the idea of No Deal. OK, so let's get this right: May offers talks. Corbyn says "Remove No Deal threat, then we talk". Within an hour, Hammond rings 330 businesspeople and promises to remove the No Deal threat because May faces revolt in Cabinet. But Corbyn is the "wrecker"? Tories are lying through their teeth. That's OK, is it?

Now, JRM says no deal would be wonderful. Well, yeah, it would be, for him. As I said, he's moved all his hooky dealings to the fucking EU that he wants out of! Two-faced arse. But, again, you know of him what the Tory media wants you to know, that he''s all sweet and fluffy and all that crap.

There's a reason he looks like Himmler...

Tell ya what... Next time your in the newsagent's, or the local supermarket, get yourself a copy of Private eye.  That'll shock you.
PC Help / Re: Was Windows 7 THAT bad?
« Last post by Baron on Today at 02:01 PM »
I am not jealous........at all....honest !!  :blush: :gig:
Chew The Cud / Re: Oi! Baron!
« Last post by Baron on Today at 02:00 PM »
"and removed the free TV licenses for over 75s"...........I must have misread that.... :)

I don't agree about JRM, as I think he is a good egg, knows what he is talking about, is calm and knowledgeable with his replies, takes flak aimed at him, and replies calmly and puts them in their place. Yep he is rich, only because he knows what he is talking about and can do the job. But then I suspect their any many MP's on all sides who are also worth a bob or three... :)

I am not sure about the facism bit, but I prefer that form to corbyn's communistic and fondness for being friends wit current/ex terrorist activities.

Life has never been that simple for the not so well off under the Government and their rules, i.e. us, but as long as I keep getting my weekly State Pension, and my small monthly RAF Pension.

Two doors down from me is a rather obese bloke with many tat's (which probably aren't cheap, but had them for some time), and his rather porky wife, with one girl child. He has a motobility Merc (a nice big saloon) so I believe gets free car insurance, servicing, maintenance, breakdown cover, and only has to pay for the fuel. She has a soft top two seater Peugeot sports car, so I guess they only have to pay the costs on the one car of hers. When he occasionally comes out of the house and goes somewhere, he manages this without a walking stick. He also has a disabled space marked off outside his house too. Since it is a Housing Association 3 bed house like mine, I wonder how much rent and Council Tax he has to pay out. I get some housing benefit and a small reduction on Council Tax, but every April I the rent and the Council Tax goes up, and I get a small increase in the Pensions, which means I 'earn' more, so get a further reduction in Housing and Council Tax benefits. The Government giveth in one hand, and taketh away in the other. Last year I was 0.39 better off per month............lucky me !

So to me life is not all that fair, as I worked for some 48 years to get my RAF and State Pensions, and I doubt this fat bloke has ever worked, or maybe a few jobs, and spend his money on pies and chips to get a free merc saloon for his troubles..
Bitter ? Yup, a little, but that's life........ ;D
I still think we are doomed if corbyn and addled abbot ever get into power, but sod all I can do about it, except live with the consequences if it ever happens, as he has the charisma of a rather smelly cow pat.... ;D
Chew The Cud / Re: interesting story about electric cars..
« Last post by Kat on Yesterday at 08:29 PM »
That's the one! I have a diddy Hoover, too, which I bought in 1986. Cheap'n'cheerful, but always worked a treat. I've never understood why people shell out hundreds on a Dyson, when a cheapie will do the job just as well, at a fraction of the cost. Plus, being a good Tory Brexiteer, Dyson's moved most of his operation abroad...

Cause the ship to sink and fuck off, before it actually sinks.

PC Help / Re: Was Windows 7 THAT bad?
« Last post by Kat on Yesterday at 08:25 PM »
Just been talking with her, oddly enough. She seems quite wonderful, to me!  ;D
Chew The Cud / Re: Oi! Baron!
« Last post by Kat on Yesterday at 08:24 PM »
I thought they were only thinking about removing the 75+ TV licences ?

'swot I sed, innit?  :P

The thing about foodbanks and people buying other stuff, instead, could be avoided by using food stamps, or summat.

Yeah, Mr. C. not only listened, but made remarks which proved that he'd understood and asked relevant questions, too. Auntie BEEB has people like Marr, who's a paid-up Tory party member, that Paddy arse, who runs the ultra right-wing Spectator and Keunsberg, who's actually related to Scameron. The current chancellor is involved in company that mad something like 1.6 BILLION in profiys, last year. Paid something like 25p in tax. Big companies have had their corporation tax lowered, again and again. Do they pass that on, to their customers? Meh. Austerity for us, yet they could prevent that, by taxing the big boys, properly. They don't, because wankers like Rees-Mogg, with his hedge funda are ministers.

You thing that's fair? You think that's right? Like far too many people of our age, you remember Scargill, Hatton and those hard lefties of the seventies. Yes, they were awful. But, despite what the Tory media keeps saying, Corbyn's NOT hard left. He IS a communist, if you use the correct meaning of the term. As, indeed, am I. We all work for each other and for our common good. But, coz of Russia and China, people think communism is what they used. They didn't. They used a greatly perverted version, which sucks.

Think what right-wing is... Fascism. Survival of the fittest. Screw you, I'm doing great! Think Adolph, Mussolini, Farage, Franco, Rees Mogg and their ilk. I don't lik e you and I want what you have, so I'll kill you.

"The disabled, the sick and their like are using their money! Let's kill them off. But, before we do that, let's privatise the NHS, so we can make a profit out of the bastards, first!".

You REALLY want people like that to be in power?

Have a look at this, mate. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism

Read that and tell me that the Tories are wonderful...
PC Help / Re: Was Windows 7 THAT bad?
« Last post by Baron on Yesterday at 07:41 PM »
Yep, that looks about right. She knows about life, and has experience..... ;D
Chew The Cud / Re: interesting story about electric cars..
« Last post by Baron on Yesterday at 06:49 PM »
Yeah I have one of those in my shed. I large version of the Henry style, like the old tin dustbin on castors, which can suck up water and stuff, and use it to vacuum the car, unless I take it down to the Polish car wash chaps, who do an excellent job of cleaning it.
 But indoors, it is an upright thingy that makes a noise, and helps the wife pick up dust and stuff around the house, and that's all I know about it....... ;D
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