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PC Help / Re: Cursor on my Toshiba laptop....
« Last post by Kat on Today at 07:03 PM »
Blow Your Stack / They won't beat us.
« Last post by Kat on Today at 07:02 PM »

Funnily enough, the great majority, here, think of the attackers as quite pathetic. What they're doing is having the exact opposite effect to what we assume they want to achieve. Instead of spreading terror, they're causing a great unity, in spite of what May's done. I truth, she's causing more terror, here, than Isis ever will. There's no talk of revenge, or anything, except from UKIP, of course. They soon got told where to go.

Manchester's extremely multi-cultural and it always has been. Rather than there being whites, blacks, Asians, et al, they're all simply Mancs. Unlike London, the people who live here think of it as OUR city.

Might explain why it's Labour through and through. (I don't mean that as a plug).

(Much).  ;D
Phun / Re: New jokes....
« Last post by Baron on May 20, 17, 11:18 AM »
You are missing out on being a bloke Yvonne.....but don't change cuz we love you as you are... :wave1: :flowers:
I can still feel the pressure of her warm firm thigh, when I nod off and start day dreaming to earlier years.. :yup:
Phun / Re: New jokes....
« Last post by Yvonne on May 19, 17, 11:54 PM »
Funny that, ..... I don't get any fuzzy feelings with my male dentist.  :-\

Sounds like the cyst was worth it.  :D
Phun / Re: New jokes....
« Last post by Baron on May 19, 17, 02:22 PM »
I don't blame him Yvonne, no better place to rest ones bonce than somewhere nice and warm and soft, especially when being seen to by a Dentist, as it will take your mind off the treatment.... :blush:

I remember back in the 1970's in the RAF, and had to have a cyst cut out and repaired in a RAF hospital, or sick bay....can't remember now.
As the cyst on my neck was on the left side, that is where the surgeon operated, but to my right was the young female assistant who was sitting on a stool with her left thigh squashed up against my arm and hand..........I can still feel the warmth and firmness of her thigh to this day, since her theatre garb was just very thin green material...........happy days and thoughts... :yup:
PC Help / Re: Cursor on my Toshiba laptop....
« Last post by Baron on May 19, 17, 02:14 PM »
A bit late, but hey.... :)
The web site for my films/TV shows uses JW Player by default, which works just fine.

I was having my dose of NCIS LA this morning, and noticed that the 'hand' cursor now disappears as it should, so life returns to normal...
So the mystery seems to have cleared itself up, but thanks for taking the time to offer some help Kat.  8)

Phun / Re: New jokes....
« Last post by Yvonne on May 19, 17, 12:27 AM »
Hubby's dentist is female, guess where his head ends up.  ;D
Phun / Re: New jokes....
« Last post by Kat on May 18, 17, 05:04 PM »
Oh, throughout my life, I've always been dead lucky, with that sort of thing. :)
PC Help / Re: Cursor on my Toshiba laptop....
« Last post by Kat on May 18, 17, 05:02 PM »
OK. So, if you're using WMP (Spit!)...

Open Windows Media Player

Press F10

Go to Tools > Options

There's a checkbox named "Allow autohide of playback controls". Check it.

Click "Apply".


Go to "Options" > "Performance".

At the bottom, where it says "DVD and Video playback", Un-check "Display full screen controls".

Instead of the bloat that is WMP, though, you might find this better:


Phun / Re: When I was young I decided I wanted to be a doctor...
« Last post by Baron on May 18, 17, 04:45 PM »
Ha, ha, that is why I am not a Doctor either, as I would have come to the same instant conclusion.  :blush:
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