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Chew The Cud / Re: Global warming.climate change...
« Last post by Baron on Yesterday at 05:56 PM »
Yep, the planet has been warming up a bit, and I don't know if the Earth has altered its orbit a bit to maybe a bit nearer to the sun?
But if it weren't for the melting ice from the remnants of previous ones to the 'latest' one, most of the north of the world would still be covered in ice, like northern America (as we know it now), so I imagine those norther countries are rather happy to get some land back..... :)
Wasn't Greenland once green and habitable, and Vikings lived there, until the ice made it uninhabitable?
There has been a lot of pollution in recent years like WWI and WWII, with all the burning oil, vehicles, buildings, and the 'atom bombs' on Japan, and as far as I am concerned it was the only way to end the war with Japan to save lives.
Some say it was a shame about the Japanese civilians who got burnt and died, but then the Japs did pretty well with bombing China, Singapore etc., in their conquest to rule these places/
Then there is the old favourite of natural causes, like active volcanoes, which put out many more tons of smoke, ash, and gasses.

Then we recently had the school kids here and in Europe all writing their placards with their paint boxes and coloured crayons making a bit fuss to be important, and according to looking out of my window, sod all has changed, as it is still wet, windy cold and miserable outside, which is normal during winter time.

But I bet when our summer comes (hopefully like last year) they will all be down at beaches back gardens, sun bathing, enjoying the hot weather, with the girls showing off their new bikinis, and walking about with mini skirts and little tops, and all enjoying the weather, and the boys in their vests and shorts, and as for the climate change protest................wot protest?......oh yeah, we forgot about that....... ::)
PC Help / Re: Bastards
« Last post by Baron on Yesterday at 10:51 AM »
Indeed, and I already use UBlock Origin in my fight against bloody adverts and stuff.
I don't care about people snooping on FB, as I rarely use it, and my profile is full of crap from the drop down menus offered.
I use YT...a lot, but my 'blockers' usually kill adverts.
I signed up to twatter years and years ago, but got bored and have never used it since.
I have seen 'doubleclick' which usually means the web site wants to send me off to some other website or something?
Adobe I only use for .pdf files.

Chew The Cud / Re: Global warming.climate change...
« Last post by Kat on Mar 19, 19, 10:02 PM »
The thing is, the planet's still warming, believe it or not, from the last ice age. We're sure fucking things up, though, as we rely 100% on our tech and, apart from running out of the stuff we need to make it, tech always fails, in the end.
Chew The Cud / Re: Recognise this, Roy?
« Last post by Kat on Mar 19, 19, 10:00 PM »
I like them, yeah. More alive than the others. I like the old infrastructure, though. Today, we just get bus-shelters, instead of proper stations.
Chew The Cud / Re: Things that I cannot resist
« Last post by Baron on Mar 17, 19, 10:48 AM »
Nice one Fred......... ;D

We, that is me, and she who runs my life, used to have a bread maker, but her attempts to make gluten free bread didn't really work, so the project was abandoned, and back to the shop bought (expensive) bread.
But the ordinary bread that was made, produced a wonderful smell of it baking, and indeed very nice when warm and spread with real butter, but hadn't though of applying it to the nobby end though.... :o
Perhaps I might be able to induce her to fishing it out of a cupboard somewhere, remove spiders and webs, and make some bread again..... ;D
Chew The Cud / Re: Things that I cannot resist
« Last post by Obblie on Mar 17, 19, 09:42 AM »
Chew The Cud / Re: Things that I cannot resist
« Last post by fred on Mar 17, 19, 09:09 AM »
I would imaging that melting butter on your nobbly end would be a tad messy :angel3:
Chew The Cud / Things that I cannot resist
« Last post by Obblie on Mar 16, 19, 07:47 PM »
We bake our own bread, albeit in a bread maker, and I/we cannot resist a suitably warm nobby end with butter melting into it.  :hungry1:

What do you find irresistible?

Baron .....  :hithead: just don't go there ......
Phun / Re: Misogyny is alive and well
« Last post by Yvonne on Mar 10, 19, 10:20 PM »
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