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PC Help / Re: How much do you leak?
« Last post by Kat on Yesterday at 08:19 PM »
Not worried about your data, then?
Chew The Cud / Re: Sad news
« Last post by Kat on Yesterday at 08:18 PM »
Christmas breakup tonight.  :D

PC Help / Bye bye Net Neutrality. :(
« Last post by Kat on Yesterday at 08:16 PM »
Chew The Cud / Re: Sad news
« Last post by Yvonne on Yesterday at 07:15 PM »
We're forecast a nice 26c today,  :D

I'm going to the RSL Christmas breakup tonight.  :D
PC Help / Re: How much do you leak?
« Last post by Baron on Yesterday at 12:58 PM »
I don't leak too much these days, but I will see a Quack about that.........Oh, I see what you mean.
I have not tested my browsers, and only use IE and Chrome.
Chew The Cud / Re: Sad news
« Last post by Kat on Yesterday at 11:35 AM »
We've actually got sunshine, today!

Bloody cold, though...
PC Help / How much do you leak?
« Last post by Kat on Yesterday at 11:34 AM »

Odd... The best results I got were by using Vivaldi, Otter and, believe it, or not, Opera v12!

Pale Moon and Basilisk were good, too.
Phun / Re: Idiot at Large
« Last post by Yvonne on Dec 13, 17, 09:33 PM »
Glad you enjoyed them Baron:hat3:
PC Help / Windows 10 again.....again...again...*sigh.
« Last post by Baron on Dec 13, 17, 05:02 PM »
OK, so I have Windows 7 installed on two different drives, and have been running them (checking for updates etc to keep them up to date) and have been running them for the past couple of weeks.
Today, I decided to load up a Windows 10 drive, and it is all screwed up. It loads Edge, and tells me that it can't sign me in, and I go into accounts to make sure I am signed in.
Also no icons for games and stuff I have on the desktop. I click on the Windows icon to display the start screen thingy, and it is full of bloody apps that I don't want.
For example I will select to show 'My PC' on the 'start' screen which it does, but when I reboot, it's gone, so I have to do it again.
My games etc. and all showing in Explorer, or clicking on the drive in 'Programmes' and everything is there, except I can't use them.

Bugger...I thought.

So I reboot and select the other Win 10 drive and boot that up, which is exactly the same........buggered up, and the 'You're not signed in' crap on Edge.
Now I know I have booted up the correct drives, because they are labelled Windows 10-1 and Windows 10-2.
They are both Samsung 950 256GB Nvme M.2 drives, so I labelled them to tell them apart.... :)

So I change a few things on them, like putting a few icons in the 'start' menu, but every time I boot up either of them, they're gone and it's the same old krap again..........they don't remember anything !

I cannot figure out how this has happened, because they were working just fine a week or so ago, and only switched to Win 7 because a game I like to play 'Company of Heroes' was very jerky on Win 10 even though it was fine, and running latest Nvidia drivers on both drives.

Has MS secretly behind my back done some installing on both drives that has buggered everything up or what ?
 I cannot understand how two separate drives are now now exactly the same layout etc. as each other,  and nothing like they were before I stopped using them.

It looks like I will have to  install one on to the motherboard, and install Window 10 from scratch again............oh what hours of joy that will bring.  ::)

Then remove it, install the other one, blatt that and install Win 10 on that from scratch again.............I won't clone the new install onto the 2nd one this time, just to make sure all is well.

I is somewhat perplexed at this trickery....as I had enough of this krap a month or so again, when everything went tits up (sorry Yvonne) and took me days of formatting, installing, doesn't work, formatting installing etc. until the drives did work again.

OK, rant over.....for now.  :D

Phun / Re: Idiot at Large
« Last post by Baron on Dec 13, 17, 03:41 PM »
Good fun Yvonne... :hat3:

The try hard burglar chuck a cinder block at the window, and it bouncing back hitting him in the face and knocking him out, I believe I have seen that on YT, or at least, a very similar one.....  ;D
Plonkers....and candidates for the Darwin Awards I reckon... 8)
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