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--- Quote from: Ray on Mar 09, 10, 03:37 PM ---
Hooraa :gig:  sadly they found me something else to do  :-\

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Were you the original Murgatroyd the Kluge-maker?  :gig:


--- Quote from: Richard on Mar 09, 10, 03:40 PM ---Were you the original Murgatroyd the Kluge-maker?  :gig:

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Done that, been there,  ;)

 :think:........................................probably  8)

Yes we did have quite a lot of kit onboard that worked perfectly alongside, but didn't seem to like going to sea, very useful.


--- Quote from: Ray on Mar 09, 10, 03:45 PM ---Done that, been there,  ;)

 :think:........................................probably  8)

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For the uninitiated...

On being drafted into the navy, Murgatroyd gave his profession as "kluge maker".
Not wanting to seem ignorant, the clerk simply wrote this down.
Whenever Murgatroyd was asked what he was doing, he said he was making a kluge, and actually he was one of the world's best kluge makers.
Not wanting to seem ignorant, his superiors kept giving him commendations and promotions, until he reached the dizzy heights of commodore.

One day the admiral came to inspect the ship.
When Murgatroyd explained he was a kluge maker, the admiral asked him what a kluge was - the first person ever to do so.
Murgatroyd said it was hard to explain, but he would make one so the admiral could see what it was.
After a couple of days, he returned with a complex object.

"Interesting," said the admiral, "but what does it do?"

In reply, Murgatroyd dropped it over the side of the ship. As the thing sank, it went "kluge".


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